Best VPNs for United Kingdom

VPNs are highly concern with security

VPNs are highly concern with security and provide its users an ultimate privacy protection, complete and safe or secure surfing are allowable through this one don’t have to suffer a lot regarding safety issues. If you wish to unblock some particular content worldwide or want to safe your private data from the eyes of hackers through Wi-Fi, VPN is the best solution for that instead of any other solution of no usage.

British citizens know that VPNs can be used to unblock content (no matter whether that be an ISP, landlord, Government or geographically imposed restriction). Unblocking censored content is still undoubtedly a major contributing factor for the popular uptake of VPN services throughout England, Scotland, and the rest of the UK.

It is very important for the users to know which VPN is best for their use. It is important to know for what features you are paying off. In this article, a list of top VPNs is maintained so that it can be easy to choose the best in town.

How to choose best VPN UK

If you’re looking for the best VPN for the UK, then chances are you either want anonymity or want to access content that’s otherwise blocked in the UK (U.S Netflix).

  • Protocols are pretty much the most important aspect of any VPN service. After all, they are responsible for keeping your privacy intact.
  • Servers are also very crucial. The number of servers you get, the faster your connection’s going to be. Besides, having a larger server base means you’ll be able to access a whole range of geo-restricted contents.
  • Simultaneous connections are an absolute must-have feature. You wouldn’t necessarily want to get different subscriptions for different devices or family members.
  • Zero logging is the whole essence of a VPN service. You would want to look for a provider that doesn’t log your data.
  • Payments modes are just as crucial as protocols or logging policies. You would want to consider a VPN provider that supports anonymous payments like cryptocurrencies.
  • Killswitch is also a must-have feature in any best VPN UK service.

5 Best VPN List for 2019

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)FeaturesSpecial DealsMore Info
Most Popular Choice
$3.49 Per Month
  • 5600+ Servers in 60 countries
  • Privacy - strict no logs of user activity
  • 6 Simultaneous Connection
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Streaming – unblocks Netflix, Hulu, etc
  • 24/7 live chat
70% Off
3 Years Plan
Most Trusted VPN
$6.67 Per Month
  • OpenVPN TCP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and PPTP protocols
  • 2,000+ Servers in 94 countries
  • Multi Logins
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Upto 256bit encryption
Best for Cybersecurity
$2.25 Per Month
  • 1000+ high-speed servers across 56 locations
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • 256-bit encryption for ultimate protection
  • 99% Uptime with unlimited speed
  • PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN & the revolutionary Stealth
  • Simultaneous connections on 5 different devices
77% Off
3 Years Deal
Best for Digital Life
$1.99 Per Month
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • OpenVPN and IKEv2 Protocols
  • No Logs Policy
  • 1000+ Servers in 56 Countries
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Supports P2P/Torrenting
Best for High-Speed
$2.88 Per Month
  • 2000+ servers in 180+ countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 31-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Tunneling protocols
  • Compatible with all devices
Best for Netflix
Cyber Ghost
Cyber Ghost
$2.75 Per Month
  •  4800+ servers in 60 different countries
  • IP Address Hiding
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Upto 7 Simultaneous Logins
  • Secure Transactions and Conversations
79% Off
3 Years Plan
Best for Internet Security
$4.12 Per Month
  • 1,300+ servers in 75+ locations
  • 7 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Encrypted with AES 256-bit
  • Unlimited bandwidth and turbo speed
  • No logs
  • Simultaneous connections on 10 different devices
66% Off
2 Year Deal

Why use VPN service UK abroad?

Another scenario could be that you’re outside the UK and want unprecedented access to UK streaming services like BBC’s iPlayer, Channel 4, ITV Hub or just want to access British TV and radio or sports. People want to watch football and cricket. These sports have maximum viewership in Europe, Asia and Australia and if you’re outside these regions you can’t watch these sports. Also, don’t forget ICC Cricket world cup is starting from May 30th and there are only a handful of sports channels that have official rights to broadcast it.


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Like China UK VPN will Prevail Against Censorship

That’s not all, this issue has gotten so out of hand lately that the UK government can now legally intercept a huge chunk of your data like chats, photos, and even confidential emails.

If you truly want to be liberated online, get yourself a Best UK VPN. Not only would you be able to access all sorts of blocked content (not throwing hints here but ehm… ehm… Netflix) but also enjoy online anonymity in its truest form.


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Why Express VPN is Rank 1?

ExpressVPN is the perfect all-round choice for people who live in England. It gives the user an experience of reliability, security and blazing fast speed. Apart from dedicated VPN servers to cope with the censorship & geo limitation issues in UK, Express VPN is equally capable to hide your original IP and location to ditch monitoring agencies and cyber criminals. With more than 100 VPN server locations in 78 countries, Express VPN dominate on the list due to their 256 bit SSL secured network.


ExpressVPN is perfect for the users in every way. It has some great features to attract the users of UK.

  • Well balanced for accessibility and ease of use.
  • It doesn’t keep usage logs.
  • It delivers blistering speeds.
  • It has client software available for Windows, OSX client, Android and iOS devices.
  • Perfect for protecting yourself if you use public Wi-Fi connections on the move.
  • It has superb Android and iOS applications.
  • It gives 30-day money back guarantee.
  • It has a wide Customer Support system via 24/7 Live Chat, Contact Form, Email Support, Tutorials & FAQ Section.
  • It gives you the ease of up to three (3) Simultaneous Connection/Account for instance PC/Mac, Smart Phone/Tablet, Console (Apple TV, PS4, Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, WD TV, Boxee Box, etc.

Pros & Cons:

Some Pros and Cons of ExpressVPN are as follows.

Need for Best UK VPN:

There are millions of die-hard fans for multitude of British streaming media content; top of the list is BBC iPlayer which brings you ads free, complete accessibility of recent shows, serials and dramas – Spotify which is premium digital music center with millions of songs. Channel 4oD which offers thousands of on-demand videos and many more web based channels are blocked outside UK. This calls for a feasible solution for web users to by-pass the geographical restrictions imposed by these UK based websites; and the most convenient solution which gives you uninterrupted accessibility, speedy connectivity, quality performance and complete anonymous presence over the internet would be Best VPN Service UK.

A UK VPN for Privacy:

In the UK, ISPs are also being asked to keep tabs on cases of copyright infringement. So if piracy is your Achilles heel, using a VPN to hide your digital footprint is considered an essential security tool for remaining outside of the scope of prosecution for copyright violation.

Access UK based restricted websites from abroad:

Any VPN service provider has servers deployed in different regions which allow VPN users with open access to the geo-restricted content. It also hides the real IP and original location of VPN users which protects their privacy. Best UK VPN has thousands of active IP which are allocated through deployed servers in different countries – you cannot only access UK based restricted content from abroad but also stream video content and websites from other restricted zone around the world. You can also switch server location if you wish to evade anti-copy right laws and intrusive surveillance of British authorities.

United Kingdom produces some of the greatest internet services and world class streaming media but unfortunately many of them are only viewable for the residents of Britain. Best UK VPN service providers enables you access these restricted content from anywhere in the world while staying secure and protected all the time.

Encryption over Public Wi-Fi:

Using VPNs is the benefit that they also provide for people that travel regularly around the UK using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Public Wi-Fi is insecure, and it is commonplace these days for hackers to use public Wi-Fi hotspots to phish for data or deliver some nasty malware. With a VPN, even in a public Wi-Fi area, you are encrypted. This means that thanks to the VPN you are safe from cyber criminals lurking around in public areas often trying to get bank details, in order to gain money gains from their digital criminal activities.

Server Speed:

Connection speeds need to be fast if you are planning to stream video content or maybe music from Spotify using your UK VPN. All of the VPNs in this year’s top 5 VPNs for the UK have been selected because they offer well about average speeds. Some VPNs slow down your internet connection so much that it makes it practically unusable, the best VPNs don’t. Our favorite VPNs for UK, have all got reliable servers that provide great speeds consistently across the entire network of servers.


In 2016, UK and England residents are having to live with an overreaching government breathing down their neck. MPs seem obsessed with creating ever more invasive legislation to spy on the general public. As a result, traditional British beliefs about civility and a reasonable human right to privacy have been unwisely laid to rest. With a top quality UK VPN, you can safely encrypt all of your data as it passes from your IP address to your ISP. That means that as soon as your VPN encryption is up and running, your ISP will have no way of snooping in on your digital footprint (even if it wants to). Emails, instant messaging services and any other data – including your web browsing habits – all safely scrambled into unintelligible gibberish so that even the snoopers’ Charter can’t actually be enforced on you.

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