Cyberghost Review

With CyberGhost VPN, you launch both a browser session and a VPN connection

Based in Romania
Price $2.75/mo
Servers  4800+ servers in 60 different countries
Logs No Logs
Multi Login 7 Devices
Refund 45 Days
Award BEST VALUE 2019 award by
Score 9.3
Recommended YES

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Why choose CyberGhost VPN

Founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, CyberGhost is the creator of one of the world’s most reliable privacy and security solutions in the world. The company secures and anonymizes the online presence of over 15 million users across the globe. CyberGhost defends privacy as a basic human right, being the first in the industry to publish a transparency report while building new user-oriented crypto-technology for the future.
The CyberGhost team is currently formed of over 50 professionals with a strong background in the IT field, based both in Romania and in Germany, the latter being responsible for most of the software development. With both teams united by a common credo for internet anonymity, CyberGhost is a major supporter and promoter of civil rights, a free society and an uncensored internet culture.

With CyberGhost VPN, you launch both a browser session and a VPN connection, in 1 click. Your whole online journey can be anonymized, if you start it in CyberGhost. CyberGhost VPN is 100% customizable and you can decide every aspect of your VPN experience: from specific servers to multiple features you can combine, all with the most advanced filtering and feedback options available on the market. CyberGhost VPN will automatically protect you every time you are connecting to a new WiFi or Internet connection. You will never be vulnerable, again, in a hotel, airport, restaurant, or any other new, public space.

CyberGhost VPN remains connected at any time, even when you’re away from your computer/mobile, so you don’t need to worry about your security whether you’re at home, traveling, using a public Wi-Fi or torrent streaming. Streaming has never been easier either. Just 1 click on the streaming service you want to access and you’re good to go. Guaranteed to work, no more frustration, no more wasted time, just sit back and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. With 1 click, we’ll launch both your selected torrent client and a secure VPN connection, with the fastest and safest server available, for stress-free torrenting, all with clear feedback on your downloads.

Pros Cons
Located in Romania (out of 14 eyes) Troubling history with parent company
Hide your IP Lazzy customer support
Strict No-Logging Policy
No Leaks Detected
Great User Experience and Easy Installation
Compatible with TOR (and most other proxies)
Safe for Torrenting & Works with Netflix
Seven Device Connection Limit
Live Chat Customer Service
Unrestricted Access

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Pricing- Is it Expensive or Cheap?

The service has revamped its pricing plans and is rightly considered as one of the cheapest VPNs out there.

In this section, I will evaluate the package plans offered by CyberGhost VPN.

It is mandatory to review the packages provided by a VPN service before making a purchase decision. Most of you might seek an easy-on-wallet VPN service; yet, don’t want to compromise on the quality of service.

There are four fundamental package plans offered by the provider:

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With each package plan, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, 3,800+ servers, anti-fingerprinting system and 7 multiple device connectivity.

This is a refreshing change from the earlier pricing plans offered by the VPN service.

Previously, you only had two options; select either a Premium or Premium Plus account.

However, with the new packages, you get all the features no matter how long you wish to subscribe.

As per CyberGhost free VPN review, the brand does not offer a freemium version rather only offers a 1-day free trial benefit.

Payment Methods

Diversity in payment methods offered is one of the essential characteristics to explore while reviewing a VPN service provider. It is like providing a convenient transaction process to the users.

This VPN has improved its payment options from the yesteryears and now offers a wide range of payment methods. New users can subscribe to the service through credit card, PayPal, and even bitcoins.

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45-day Money-back Guarantee

The 45 day period for claiming refund is a fairly long duration.

The majority of the providers in the industry offer either a week long refund guarantee or none at all.

As such, CyberGhost is ahead of many providers when it comes to pricing and money-back guarantees.

With any of our subscriptions, you get full access to our features:

  • Hide your IP address
  • Data security over public Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Unrestricted access to websites
  • Secure torrenting at all times
  • Access to over 4800+ servers
  • Kill switch
  • DNS leak protection
  • Unbreakable military-grade encryption
  • Strict No logs policy
  • Friendly 24/7 Customer Support


Security- Protocols, Encryption, & Features

CyberGhost is one of the most secure VPNs in the industry.

One of the core reasons for which you select a VPN as your online protector is your security.

There are different methods through which a VPN service ensures your security and confidentiality, but the most significant among them all is encryption.

Encryption is sort of a backup plan, which secures your confidentiality.

The protocols that CyberGhost supports are L2TP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN.

Although there are other protocols available that alternative providers offer such as PPTP and SSTP, it focuses on the latest and most secure protocols i.e. OpenVPN and IKEv2.

Server Locations (Exists in all parts of the World)

Numbers of servers and their geographical dispersion are one of the crucial factors to consider before buying a VPN service.

The more geographically scattered the servers are, the more easily you can bypass geo-restrictions on content. Hence, with a VPN, you can access content (websites, social networking platforms, streaming links and even TV shows) being anywhere – from anywhere.

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This VPN offers 4800+ geographically scattered servers in 60 different countries at the time of writing this review.

Some of these regions include U.S, U.K, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Romania and many more.

Hide Your IP

Your original IP address will be replaced by an IP address from the CyberGhost network, making it impossible for websites to track your online activity.

At the same time, that very same IP address will be shared with all other users on the respective server, thus extending your anonymity and making it impossible for the IP to be traced down back to you.

Wi-Fi Protection

When you use a public WiFi connection (say at a café or at the airport), your entire browsing activity could be monitored and spied on. On top, all your data – including your most sensitive details, such as your credit card info – can be easily stolen by hackers.

Using a top-class 256-bit encryption technology, CyberGhost VPN protects your privacy and secures you online, even on public WiFis.

Strict No Logs Policy

Logs are files or pieces of information stored by programs to aid debugging but also tracking. Although it’s a common thing, this is actually a feature which a developer can choose to implement or not.

Our servers keep no logs. We don’t track your activity over the Internet. There’s no way someone could track you back after you have visited a certain website on the Internet if you were connected to a CyberGhost VPN Server.

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Secure Transactions and Conversations

CyberGhost VPN always puts your privacy first and protects you against data miners and hackers.

Your online activity will be encrypted with the 256-AES bit technology, the most efficient out there. Thus, nobody will be able to sneak a peek into your private conversations, bank account number or online transactions while you are connected to public Wi-Fi networks (or any other kind of network).

Access Restricted Content

Whether you wish to access certain sites from your university or workplace, stream your favorite online TV shows at home or maybe live in a non-democratic country, you must have encountered at least once the problem of censored or geo-restricted content.

Using our secure VPN servers, you gain access to content from all over the world. Unblock Facebook, YouTube and many more with CyberGhost VPN!

Block Ads

This feature blocks ads by removing part of the code which tries to pull and ad from a dedicated server.

While it seems similar to a browser extension, it is different, because the processing happens on our servers so there is no processing on the client-side and less data is transmitted to you, something worth considering when using a mobile device and/or connection. Thus you also get to reduce costs!

Block Malicious Content

There is a large amount of threads on the Internet, starting from sites that host viruses to sites that imitate something you are familiar with just to get your personal information like credit card details.

CyberGhost’s malware blocker will verify the URL of the website which you are requesting to make sure it’s safe for you. Our server checks this against a public database, replicated in our environment so we can control the anonymity.

Block Online Tracking

Almost all websites on the Internet incorporate tracking mechanisms. With these, site owners try to understand your behavior as a user, so they can adapt their content to what you look for online and thus boost their sales.

Tracking is so popular nowadays that there are specialized companies that do only this. CyberGhost’s feature will block online tracking by removing the website elements that contain tracking codes.

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Speed – How Good is CyberGhost VPN in Terms of Speed

No doubt, CyberGhost is a safe VPN but does not offer excellent connection speeds.

Every VPN leads to a reduction in the speed of your Internet connection. The real question is, how drastically does a VPN affect your Internet speeds?

In order to test speed performance of CyberGhost, I tested this VPN before and after connectivity. I used a 20 Mbps connection to test its internet speed.

Before connecting the VPN:

After connecting to the US server through CyberGhost, the download speed dropped from 19.16 Mbps to 12.36 Mpbs and the ping increased slightly. This is not a bad performance at all, since every VPN causes some decrease in the speed.

After connecting the VPN:

This shows that the VPN provider has improved its speed performance.

Nonetheless, there is still room for improvement in order to compete with the leading providers in the market.


Streaming – Netflix, Torrenting & Kodi

Overall, CyberGhost supports Netflix, torrenting and Kodi to another level.

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During my CyberGhost review, I explored that the brand has added another feather in its cap by offering Netflix unblocking feature.

Furthermore, the service provides an exclusive Netflix mode in its app that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows or movies anonymously.

To provide their users appreciable streaming speeds, they have added highly optimized Netflix servers in their armory.

Is CyberGhost Safe for Torrenting?

CyberGhost is a popular option among users who have a thing for torrenting downloads.

Although not all servers offer support for torrents, it offers enough of them, which allow P2P file sharing.

Customer Support

Customer support is a make or break situation for any VPN service. If you are using a VPN service that delivers various ways to solve your queries timely, it is a blessing in disguise.

You can include CyberGhost in the list of VPN services those try their level best to come up with the expectations of their users. Here is the list of different options CyberGhost offers to users:

  • Guides and FAQs
  • 24/7/365 days Live Chat
  • Software and other Tutorials

CyberGhost’s reliability stems from the fact that the service offers extensive guides and FAQs for the assistance of users regarding its usage and installation.

If you are still not satisfied, then you also have the option to create a ticket by submitting a request to get the answer of your troubleshooting questions accordingly.

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During my conversation, the customer service representative calmly responded to every question I asked despite of bragging about “Why I should buy their service” like most service, providers do.

In short, this VPN has an excellent customer and tech support, which will timely respond to all your concerns.

Live Chat (Available 24/7)

Customer support is an important attribute for any service provider. In the VPN industry, however, good and responsive tech support is hard to find.

CyberGhost is remarkably one of the few providers offering great support 24/7 with low responsive time.


CyberGhost Trustpilot Review

Based on 7000+ reviews, you can assume CyberGhost has successfully found its feet in the VPN industry.


Compatibility – Supports All Operating Systems & Devices

CyberGhost in terms of compatibility serves as an excellent alternative.

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The VPN is compatible with different devices such as PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets etc. This allows you to use your VPN on different operating systems

  Windows Mac OS iOS Android Linux Chrome 
PC Client, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN Client, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN     L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN  
Smartphone L2TP (Windows Phone 8.1)
  Client, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP Client, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN L2TP, PPTP  
Tablet Client, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN   Client, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP Client, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN L2TP, PPTP L2TP
Chromebook           L2TP
Router         L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN  
Raspberry         L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN  
VU+ Solo2         OpenVPN  
Synology NAS         PPTP  
Virtuelle Maschine Client, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN Client, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN   Client, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN L2TP


Why you need an anti-censorship proxy

The internet was founded on the ideas of freedom and openness. Sadly, this isn’t always the case nowadays.

Due to varying political climates and power-wielding copyright holders, your online experience will often vary from country to country. The so called “splinternet” is becoming increasingly more noticeable among internet users.

But if countries like China or Russia came to your mind, you’ll be surprised to hear that they’re not the only ones striving for digital control.

Other less authoritarian countries also control your internet experience, by imposing blocks and bans through ISPs and other means.

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How to use an anti-censorship software to your advantage

If you want to bypass all restrictions and regain your online freedom, a VPN software it just the tool you are looking for. A VPN – short for virtual private network – reroutes your entire internet traffic through VPN servers with no imposed restrictions. This process also hides your IP address and adds a layer of anonymity to your outgoing internet traffic.

On top of that, your entire connection is encrypted. That means no one can track your online activity. CyberGhost VPN was designed with anti-censorship in mind and has dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV, Linux and even routers.

What is a VPN?

The term “VPN” stands for Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, VPNs are a secure way of accessing the internet and keeping your connection private. VPNs establish a virtual point-to-point connection between your device and the internet, sending your data through an encrypted tunnel. And they’re more important than ever for your digital privacy. This IP address uniquely identifies your device and allows it to send and receive information. It’s almost like your digital address. Regular internet connections are not encrypted. So, without a VPN, your ISP, your government, and everyone else snooping knows what you do online. What’s more, depending on the legislation of the country you’re in, your ISP can track, monitor, store, and even sell your data and browsing history. This treasure trove of private information is targeted by governments, authorities, hackers, marketers, and data miners.

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