HMA VPN Review

HMA is now a member of the Avast family,

Based in United Kingdom
Price $4.29/mo
Servers 1000+ servers in 190+ countries
Logs It keeps connection logs but does NOT store usage logs
Multi-login 5 Devices
Refund 30 Days
Score 8.5
Recommended YES

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HMA(HideMyAss) is now a member of the Avast family, part of the largest and most trusted security company in the world. With over 400 million users out there (and at least one donkey), each helping to make our network stronger against the bad guys, you know you’ll be in safe hands (or hooves).

HMA operates under Privax LTD, a company based in the UK. Privax was purchased in 2015 in a deal worth up to $60 million by AVG Technologies, whose security software has over 200 million active users. It is worth noting that AVG has itself been recently acquired by Avast Software, meaning HMA is in line for another change in ownership. HMA has got personality, but it’s also got the product to back up their…well…asses! With close to a thousand servers across more than 190 countries, you simply cannot beat those numbers, and the built-in speed testing tool gives users a real-time feel for how fast their usage actually is. These are quality signals that you can’t argue with.

Pros Cons
1000+ VPN servers in 190+ countries Slow tech-support and Live Chat service
Pretty Consistent Server Speeds Inside Five Eyes Security Alliance
Good Device Compatibility
Easy-to-Use App
Leak-Free Connection
Offers L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and SSL protocols
7 Days free trial

Pricing Plan

These are undiscounted prices (even though the crossed out original prices indicate otherwise) that remain active on the HMA website around the year. Hide My Ass brings out any major discounts for customers a few times each year – so make sure you keep checking the website every time an international event comes around.

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HMA offers one all-inclusive plan, with three different tiers of pricing available: 1, 12, and 36 months. While the month-to-month price is a bit high, the 36 months plan is fairly cheap at just $4.29 a month.

Server Spread and Locations

HMA got 1000+ VPN servers in 290+ locations covering 190+ countries around the world — offering faster connections and wider access to restricted sites around the world than other VPN provider! Once connected to HMA network your IP address will be replaced by a HMA! IP address preventing internet snoopers from seeing your computer’s geographical location. Keep changing between them, and you need never appear in the same place for long.

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A very large concentration of HMA’s servers is positioned in the United States (Over 300). The second largest concentration of HMA’s servers is located in European countries, followed by server counts in the UK region and the North American/Canadian regions. Asian, South American, Central American and African regions have at least one server in each country.

  • North America – 260 servers.
  • South America – 41 servers.
  • Europe 254 servers.
  • Asia and Oceania –168 servers.
  • Middle East – 32 servers.
  • Africa – 115 servers.

HMA Payment Methods

HMA will provide you the option to Auto-Renew your subscription if you select either ‘Credit Card’ or ‘Paypal’ as a payment method.

Also, it merits highlighting that HMA is not a big one for expansion where payment methods are associated.

Depending on which one of the four payment methods you choose to select, HMA website will forward you to the gateway for that payment method.

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Security and Privacy

While Hide My Ass! does a top-notch job of protecting your internet connection, it does a less comprehensive job of protecting the records of your online travels.

HMA uses military-grade encryption to keep your online antics safe from prying eyes, using the OpenVPN-UDP, OpenVPN-TCP, PPTP and L2TP protocols.

They also protect your connection with a kill switch and the ability to periodically change your device’s IP address to make it tougher to track your real location.

Speed Test

Internet speeds through a HMA VPN connection are good on average. The smart load balancing built into the service ensures your browsing is routed to the quickest and most stable server available. And available they are: experienced VPN users will be surprised to find relatively speedy servers in locations that have a bad rep when you use other services.

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Speeds within Europa and the US are excellent. Browsing, streaming, and even gaming are absolutely possible. The latter suffers only a minimal amount of lag, as per usual when you use VPN.

Bucharest ( No VPN) 233.12 151.8 4
Bucharest, Romania 60.65 33.99 92
Amsterdam,Netherlands 85.51 67.58 42
New York, United Sates 47.93 31.15 111
Melbourne, Australia 39.87 7.21 287
Istanbul, Turkey 56.34 24.88 98
Prague, Czech Republic 81.86 53.1 42

As you can see from this speed test, you can get fast download and upload speeds when using HMA VPN. It all depends to what server you are connecting and how busy that server is.

Military Grade Encryption

HMA uses only the highest encryption standard: 256-bit AES. On Windows and Android, we implement it with the OpenVPN protocol in Gallois Counter Mode (AES-256-GCM), with 4096-bit RSA keys for handshakes, authenticated with SHA256. On Mac and iOS, HMA implement it with IKEv2/IPsec, built atop Apple’s own stack, to ensure the best compatibility.

Streaming – Neflix, Hulu, Amazon, BBC iPlyaer

HMA claims to be a great VPN for bypassing geoblocks on streaming content. The VPN’s network even has four specialty servers optimized for streaming, so you can watch your favorite content in HD without buffering delays.

The good news is that HMA was able to access Netflix on each of the US servers that we tested.

The downside is that HMA’s US servers were unable to access Hulu and Amazon Video. Each time we tried, we were caught by Hulu and Amazon’s VPN bans, which blocked from streaming content.

Next, we connected to HMA’s fourth server optimized for streaming, which is located in the UK. We were successfully able to watch streaming content on UK Netflix and BBC iPlayer while connected to HMA’s UK streaming server.

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Automatic Connection Rules

You shouldn’t have to fiddle with a VPN every time you want to stay secure on a new network. With HMA, you can choose whether wired, Wi-Fi, or mobile networks trigger the VPN to start automatically — and which networks to trust and ignore.

Fully Encrypted Servers

All HMA servers are protected with the same unbreakable 256-bit encryption used by our protocols. It doesn’t matter where one of HMA servers is located: whether it’s hackers, thieves, the server custodian, or just law enforcement — no one is getting access.

DDOS Protection

We don’t stop at shielding the contents of our servers. The servers themselves are strengthened against DDOS attacks, providing you with robust protection against any attackers trying to take you off the web.

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Faster than a Speeding Donkey

HMA takes the guesswork out of picking the fastest server: just use Lightning Connect to instantly get access to the best online experience. Want to connect to somewhere specific? HMA can still find the fastest available server in that location for you automatically, so you don’t have to go hunting.

Don’t just take our word for it: on Windows and Mac, you can test the speed of hma network yourself, and select the location that works best for you. Works great for finding a specific P2P or streaming-optimized server.

HMA are no slouches when it comes to our infrastructure. Instead of going for some arbitrary high number of servers, we’d rather focus on quality. All of HMA core data centers have servers capable of 20 Gbps throughput, and most of our other locations have servers with 10 Gbps throughput.

Hide Your IP Address

HMA! hide your IP address on all your devices by giving you one of ours instead. Your real IP then can’t be seen by anyone.

Plus, HMA! have a Kill Switch. Sounds exciting… and it is.

Set it up to cut internet access anytime your VPN is disconnected so your own IP is never exposed. So you can do what you want, when you want, without being tracked, hacked or smacked (smacked by restrictions we mean, unless you’re into that sort of thing in which case we don’t judge).

  1. Hide your location and identity
  2. Bypass government restrictions
  3. Stream anything, anywhere!
  4. Surf public Wi-Fi safely
  5. Protect your privacy on iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Windows PC & Linux

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This HMA review boldly declares HMA’s apps as extremely user friendly. In the classic yellow/green theme, the HMA apps offer a wide variety of features and are really easy to navigate.

HMA offers VPN clients for Windows and Mac, platforms as well as Apple & Android devices. There is not client available for the Linux platform. Users wishing to configure HMA on a Linux OS can download the interface-based HMA client for Linux on request.

In the smart phone category, HMA smart phone apps are also available (for the iPhone and iPad) on iTunes and the HMA app for android is also out.

The Android app is the latest addition to the HMA software family and much like the iOS app, it comes with the full range of HMA features.

HMA – Completely Redesigned to Make using it Simpler.

VPN Through Router

Connecting your router to your VPN gives you huge benefits when it comes to online privacy because as long as your router is on, your VPN is on. You can also pretty much connect any wifi or ethernet device to your router so it’s protected. And you can connect as many as you like — all from a single account. Pretty slick.

Whilst HMA! got you covered on all the core platforms, not every device out there has its interface or the ability to even use a VPN. So, if you want to use your VPN on your games console, media player or smart TV then you’ll need to set it up directly from your router.

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P2P Optimized servers

When you need to move files in bulk, nothing beats a good torrent. But using P2P technologies can leave you exposed. Our special P2P servers will mask your IP address while keeping any impact on your speeds at a minimum

Windows or Mac. Android or iPhone. Linux or iPad. No matter what you’ve got, there’s a version of HMA you can use to stay private and secure. And if having 5 devices connected at once isn’t enough for you, just add HMA to your router, and cover everything connected to it, all at once.

Online Privacy without the Tinfoil Hat

A Kill Switch makes sure no data leaks when your connection to a VPN server drops. And on Windows, you can customize it to activate for your whole system or on an app-by-app basis,. You can also designate apps to automatically launch HMA whenever you start them up.

Split-Tunneling – Most VPNs are an all-or-nothing affair: either all your applications and browsing are encrypted, or they’re not. Not with Split-Tunneling: you can choose which applications go through HMA VPN, while everything else connects to the web normally. So you can stream movies from another country while still accessing your local e-shop.

IP Shuffle – Supercharge your online anonymity. IP Shuffle randomizes your IP addresses anywhere from every 10 minutes to up to once a day — you choose.

Leak protection – HMA VPN includes built-in protection against IPv4, IPv6, and other DNS leaks. We use our own no log HMA DNS servers to handle all your DNS requests, which keeps you private and encrypted, and protects you from dangerous malware and phishing sites.

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WebRTC Leak Tool

The tool will help you discover if your browsers have the protocol enabled and are leaking any info, so make sure you check em’ all.

A VPN encrypts your browsing and hides your location to keep you private. So if you’re not already using one, first worry about securing your all-around privacy by downloading HMA! VPN before you worry about WebRTC leaks.

In the meantime, if your WebRTC is leaking, you’ll have to disable the WebRTC framework in each of your browsers.

Protocols and Encryption

HMA provides users PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols. Encryption levels for each protocol differ. HMA encrypt your data, which will then be decrypted by the person you’re sending it to. HMA! uses AES 256-bit encryption, which has 115, 792, 089, 237, 316, 195, 423, 570, 985, 008, 687, 907, 853, 269, 984, 665, 640, 564, 039, 457, 584, 007, 913, 129, 639, 936 possible combinations

For most devices and operating systems, all 4 of HMA’s VPN protocols are available:

  • OpenVPN®-UDP (also called “Auto-Path”) – Default protocol when using our HMA! Pro VPN client (Win / Mac OS X)
  • OpenVPN®-TCP – Used by HMA! Pro VPN client when “Auto-Path” is turned off and “OpenVPN®” is selected as protocol
  • PPTP – Alternative protocol in Windows and Mac OS X HMA! Pro VPN client
  • L2TP – Alternative to OpenVPN®+PPTP, to be used by creating a manual connection

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HMA VPN Student Discount

Unlock 20% student discount at HMA VPN with Student Beans.

Use HMA VPN student discount code at the checkout to enjoy 20% off your order.

Simply register with Student Beans to verify your student status and get your student discount today!

Unlock HMA student discount with Student Beans. Simply follow these quick steps. Click ‘get code and open site’ button, register or log in with Student Beans to verify your student status and get your special student discount promo code on HMA – the world’s favorite VPN service. Choose your subscription length and redeem your promo code at the checkout. HMA also offer you a 30 day money back guarantee!

Customer Support

HMA has excellent options when it comes to customer support. Live chat is available on its website 24/7 and its agents are both helpful and knowledgeable. Sometimes the agent took a few minutes to respond, but overall we found it to be pretty responsive and quick. All in all, pretty good for getting fast responses about unblocking content and installation help. Admittedly, some of the techiest questions we asked had to be elevated to a more senior tech member of staff. This was done by the customer support agent who told me we would receive a response via email. Sadly, that response did not come. HMA! available support channels:

  • Email
  • Blog
  • Community
  • HMA Support Page (Knowledge Base)
  • LiveChat

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Money-back Guarantee

HMA offer a 7 day free trial. You will have to derive consolation from the fact that HMA offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases.

While nothing can possibly make up for the absence of a free trial, the 30 day money back guarantee comes pretty close when considered in addition to the constant availability of HMA’s Free Web Proxy.


HMA VPN has a large number of VPN servers in the industry and is known to consistently deliver quality service. It rarely comes up with discount offers and an efficient customer support mechanism.

This service’s data collection policies could be a problem for the privacy-conscious. That said, speeds are good and you do get one of the largest VPN networks around, and if these are your priorities, HMA might be worth a try.
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