IPVanishVPN Review

Selection of VPN service provider:

In order to choose VPN service provider user should know all the things regarding it and the advantages they offered in every aspects. Numerous of servers provided by VPN service locations and providers represented by those servers is the key aspect which help us to evaluate the purchase decision and ordering of most the users searching for a VPN.

VPN provides numerous advantages to its users the Number of servers located in different countries is one of the main thing which are relevant with almost every purpose for which a VPN is given a higher priority. IPVanish VPN gives previlleges to more than 713+ servers geographically spread in almost 60+ countries.

Which provides an another benefit so that you can connect to any server of your choice you want to get connected no matter from which country it belongs to. Furthermore, you can access more than 60,000 IP address with the specific features provided by IPVanish VPN.


Compatibility service enjoys the leading place it does not deal with compatibility issue at all. Number of tutorials and detailed manuals are available for most common operating systems including

  • MAC
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Windows Phones
  • Other Routers
  • Gaming Consoles
  • DDWRT Routers

Apart from manual configuration, IPVanish VPN also provides a top notch desktop & mobile app for easy access and for advancement. In addition to ease of use the app contains an auto-reconnect feature to ensure you are never unprotected online in case of a connection failure. The app is only available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.

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for the online security of your iPhones or iPads you can install IPVanish app it mainly use increasing security purpose. It can be downloaded for free and by following some easy steps installing IPVanish app on iPads and iPhones is not time consuming it will take hardly less than five minutes to get its download completed.

    • Go to “settings”
    • There will be an option of general where you another option “network”
    • Another window will appear in which you will click on “Network” and create a new VPN profile
    • after that click on “Add VPN Configuration” ,then proceed
    • After clicking on it, you will be need to enter the details
    • Fill in the details correctly provided to you by IPVanish and after that select the required protocol to connect

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You can also read about configuring the IPVanish App in details given already in your iPads and iPhones. The IPVanish app just not only featuring the best online protection/security but it also grant access for the streaming services like Netflix and blocked the irrelevant websites which you cannot access it on your ipads and iphones which is not suitable for various purpose.


The IPVanish Android App is available free for download on Google Play store and can be downloaded on any android device, provided that it should be an Android version 4.0.3 or higher version from this. The IPVanish Android is very easy to install and can installed in less than a minutes on your Android smart mobiles or tabs.

Main purpose of IPVanish app is to provide highly efficient security to all the devices and keep the user data safe from the hackers, and malware errors. You can access and stream the public Wi-Fi networks without the fear of getting your device hacked by some online surveillance agencies.

IPVanish Android works amazing and are compatible and tested on all the devices and allows its user to use VOIP services on smartphones and tablets. One more benefit is that You can make use of IPVanish for Android to make cheap local as well as international calls compartively by using the VOIP services.

This app allows you to switch from your servers and gives you all the other server options to choose from. IPVanish Android App also works best while accessing the TV shows and movies either on Netflix or on Vudu etc. user may get also get advantage that they can access all the blocked websites in his region on your Android devices with IPVanish.

Step 1

        • once you have installed the IPVanish Android App successfully in your devices. You will be presented with the screen in which you are required to Enter your username and password and select ‘Sign in’.



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Step 2

        • after signing in with your account on IPVanish, another window will appear in which there will be provided an option to select your server by own to connect.



Step 3

        • After choosing the server based on the requirement of user, after that user can also take the advantage to check the connection speeds and determine the download and upload speeds provided by IPVanish Android App.


QuickConnect - Connected

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Speeds are the basic aspect of all servers informally. Speeds averaged in the 10 Mbps range downstream for both UK and USA, with only a minimum Mbps dropoff from not using a VPN. The US speeds averaged a limits under 10 Mbps, but that’s acceptable due to the larger distance importance geographically. Either way of browsing and streaming showed minor no effects while using IPVanish, other than the times when the killswitch caught me unawares during IP cycling.

It’s a good idea to test again and again periodically to make sure everything is in working order as it should be preffered. You may use several links like ipleak.net to check DNS leaks and for the WebRTC Bug. While test-ipv6.com looks for IPv6 leaks. There’s also doileak.net, combination of bits of the other two tests, for further more testing.


IPVanish packages are offered in 3 time denominations, namely

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Conclusion on IPVanish Review

After detail analysis and testing compatibility of the VPN. We can conclude the review about IPVanish is that the VPN service provider are highly positive as well as appreciable. With its incredible features and market competitive pricing plans, IPVanish is a VPN that you must add to your compulsory options for its incredible benefits to its users. IPVanish is compatible with different devices and provide free software for different operating system like windows, Android and iOS.

Furthermore, briefly explained and easy to follow tutorials are provided for configuration of VPN manually on other devices built in explain everything in pretty easy manners. IPVanish offers more than 713 VPN servers in almost 60 countries along with 60,000+ that you can easily connect to. Also With 7 days money back guarantee, VPN Ranks strongly recommends its trial so before purchasing user get fully satisfied.

        • The pricing manner is really appreciable.
        • IPVanish have a wide network of servers and IP addresses.
        • the speed is beyond of our highly expectations.
        • Another good thing that IPVanish services allow us to stay connected with multiple VPN connections at a time using the same account.
        • The startup instructions describing and all procedures of installation provided on the website are of great help.
        • PPTP implementation does not work up as high as our expectations. What we understand mainly, the whole focus of the service providers is on OpenVPN implementation. While they do pay less attention towards the testing and proper functioning of PPTP.
        • If we rate IPVanish services then we will give score 8/10. While comparing to other VPN service providers we are too much satisfied with its incredible features and advancements. We will hope that after reading this review VPN will make further more improvements in those areas where it is needed.

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