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Nord VPN is owned by Tefinkom co S.A. Tefinkom co S.A. is based in Panama where there are no mandatory data retention laws. NordVPN has been functioning in the IT security industry since 2008.

Nord VPN is a VPN provider with a well established VPN service and a global presence. The VPN service provider believes in top quality customer care and has designed its service so that old and new VPN users can use VPN easily. In our NordVPN review on VPNAdvise, we will cover pricing, server network, customer support, security and encryption, compatibility, installation guides and more.


  • 650+ servers in 50+ countries
  • High Speed Infrastructure
  • Offers 5 Tunneling Protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP & IKEv2)
  • 6 Simultaneous Connection
  • Multi-Platform Service (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android)
  • Offers 2048 Bit Encryption for Certificate Authentication
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support and Email Ticket Support Offered
  • Automatic Kill Switch Offered
  • Custom Software Available (Windows and OS X)
  • Free Version Available
  • Offers 3000+ free proxies


  • Haven’t found any yet.

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Double Data Encryption:

In NordVPN the thing which is highly focus is all about privacy and consult about security. That’s why DoubleVPN has been created, its unique double encryption system. In this two-node server link usage facility is provided, NordVPN locks down incoming and out coming data highly using military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption that’s not applied only one time but for multiple times depending upon its use one of its important feature is that it has a heavy-duty crosscut shredder with an incredible Reverse button that can bring everything back together to its position depending whenever it is needed.

Fast Access Of Servers:

Another feature of NordVPN is that it maintains IP addresses and server in approximately more than 964 countries. If we talk about worldwide server locations then it is located across 57 countries and in every continent except the continent of Antarctica. One more amazing option is that they also offer customized servers for online access to any particular type. If anyone wants to stream video without any threats then they can choose one of the ultra –fast NordVPN servers. For military-purpose protection and security, one must check out Tor over VPN servers or DoubleVPN servers. And if anyone needs a complete protection and highly secure from any kind of service attacks, they must check out Anti-DDoS servers.

Incredible Speed:

In NordVPN user shouldn’t have to suffer and compromise in speed for security and protection purpose, that’s why they had heavily invested in architecture and servers that offer not only an amazing outstanding security, but also highly effective throughput one can count on, day in, day out. By using NordVPN user can get a really high speed and low ping, so you don’t have to waste your precious time on long load times or on long time buffering. Whatever a user do online, any kind of work from data transfers to secure it from threats video streaming from Netflix, Hulu, ITV,BBC and Sky, these all can do in a better and in a faster way by using NordVPN.

Easy To Use VPN:

The main goal of VPN servers is to providing the best user experience in the industry. This was once just a dream but they spent day and night to meet the user requirement and give a lot of time on testing and developing of their own solutions. Every application of NordVPN is easy to use and so easy to install. And there’s a suitable version for any device tested and in any operating system.

Strict No Log Policy:

NordVPN keeps you 100% safe and secure online keep your identity hidden. Its unique solution that is Tor over VPN solution sends encrypted traffic over the Tor network. So From there, it goes on a circular trip around the world, making it impossible for anyone to trace back to the source. And because there are no logs, there’s no record on our end.

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Friendly Services:

You can find all of your queries regarding VPN online there is every answers to your question and to all of your queries. From setup to security issues solution to every problem is provided online.


Some service providers and government’s agencies don’t like the feature of P2P at all. And they presented it in such a manner that you also might not like it either. But there we have got a better way to P2P use, one that won’t let you down. With NordVPN, you get the fast access and best range of quality videos, multi-gigabyte games, and crystal-clear music delivered over the lightning-fast P2P servers.

Support To Multiple Devices:

Standard package of NordVPN servers gives you facility to access for multiple devices at a time almost 6 devices parallel. Setting up your smart phones and laptop to access NordVPN at the same time. Or another option is to use your tablet and game console together. You can even set up your office router or home work with NordVPN. In This way every device connected to your router is also connected to NordVPN, which is a great and easy source for businesses communication and to protect all their connected devices with a single VPN account.

Incredible Security:

Safe and secure VPN is a main part to complete online privacy solution of user that also includes private notes, secure chat, and web proxy extensions.

Private Notes

In this if one of your friend reads a secret note from you, that note will destroy automatically leaving no any mark behind. It just like that it was never existed before.

Web Proxy Extensions

VPNNords free proxy servers are available to anyone and are accessible by everyone running proxy server extension for Google Chrome. It’s free, it can easily get install within a few seconds, and it gives you an instant access to NordVPN, the world’s most amazing VPN.

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