VPN Overview:

There are number of people who don’t know what VPN is, they just think that VPN is used in offices to access something. Here is the brief information of VPN. Since people don’t know what actual purpose of VPN and protocol is, that is the reason they don’t know the importance, however people who has the information, think that VPN has same importance weightage as importance of internet in current era.

When we take a look at VPN providers, we will notice that there are number of  providers, so he point is how we choose the VPN which is really good and effective for us. All VPN’s are not same they are not created in a manner to work exactly same, so you will be guided here on what is VPN and how to choose the correct one.

What is VPN?

At first you must know what VPN is. The abbreviation is Virtual Private Network. Since the term network is self-explanatory but the terms is very vast in description. In VPN there could be cluster of computers or separate networks, they all connected together in public network and the common term of this public network is internet.



There could be different stakeholders of VPN like:

  • Business users who used to connect datacenters remotely and individual who will get access when they are or physically available on LAN (local area network). This is also used to secure the communication in the places where people think that this is not trusted public network.
  • When you want to connect to VPN there are two parts. One is client which is your device and server which is far away from you, once you login with your credentials then your device and server exchange trusted authentications, if the trusted connection established then you can have the freedom of secure internet. The usage will now be secure and you will not face any barriers in using anything.

What is the need of VPN?

By VPN you can connect with the networks on which you are not physically there but what do you think, is this only the matter of using VPN? This is the main point o of identification what benefit you want to take from VPN, so it is up to you what is your need of choosing VPN. Few are as under



User as Student/Employee:

Such people want to access network of the provider of which they are associated. Employee used to travel to other countries or work from home requires VPN to connect to their official network. This being used by authentication token. Such users do not require more surfing; shopping etc. they want to use the domain in which they belong to.
Users as efficient updater/Visitor/Entertainment lover

This is one of the usages of VPN in which people want to stream online. In some of the cases countries have some blocks on websites, online streaming, TV channels, and people want to access such things. In some cases programs aired on some other countries but not aired on their country and they want to wait longer. Whatever the case is either regional restrictions or delay in programs, VPN can be used to get rid of these problems.

Users as Privacy Lovers/Incognito:

The case where there is no regional restriction, people getting up to date streaming even there is no such problem but there is very valid point of using VPN. Such people use VPN for privacy purpose. They want to secure their communication and make them away from snooping. They believe that privacy is the priority and no one should get what they are doing.

Users as Gamer:

As per research people addicted to play games don’t want any limitation, People who love to play game use VPN to play online games with no restrictions or they want a broader network, some of the times



users want themselves to be part of some specific team, so the reason could be different but the motive is to play online games. VPN plays tremendous role in satisfying their need.

Users as Package of Uses:

Depending up on the usage, there is possibility that you purpose is only one or more than one. The idea is to use VPN is very vast which obviously vary from person to person. Sometimes people who use VPN for multiple purposes also uses more than one VPN services, depending which VPN provider is proving best as per requirement , some people comprise on little interruption and use one VPN service for multiple purposes.

In short there are several criterions to have VPN either free or paid. Despite several usage there are number of service providers as well, so it depends upon the usage which service you want to use as per your requirement.

How to Select a Right VPN

This is very important to select the right VPN of your choice. The selection of VPN could have different facts. Considering people who are not too much technical also want to use VPN without going into technical terms for selecting the right VPN. Here is what you should see for selecting the VPN.

There must be quantitative variety of features, connections protocols, server locations, price, occasional deals,

Server Location:

Selecting VPN by checking server locations is very important.



Select Server Location in Regional Restriction:

Suppose there is location or regional restriction and you want to access something then the VPN which you are going to select must have servers of which you want to get access

Select Server Location in Privacy Surfing:

If you are privacy conscious then try to surf and connect on the server outside your country, like you are in USA and using VPN USA server, there could be possibility provider has to show something as per country laws and regulations.

Server Multiple Locations:

This is very important that the VPN which you are selecting has multiple locations of servers and the provider is giving services for the location of your interest.

Connection Protocols:




The common and widely used VPN protocol is PPTP. It is Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. PPTP does not provide encryption. Basically this protocol depends on PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) to implement security measures. You can also choose this protocol if your device is not supporting OpenVPN. Due to the reason it is not providing or providing basic encryption this is very fast protocol. It is stable and works on most WIFI hotspots.

Users want high speed with minimal security can go for PPTP VPN.


It is stable on NAT (Network Address Translation) devices. L2TP is Layer to Tunneling Protocol. This protocol is useful if you give security as priority .This is useful in data integrity and confidentiality. It encapsulates data twice

Users have high priority of security can go for L2TP protocol.


It is secure Internet Protocol. IPsec works on internet layer and end to end security system. Extensive usage is IP traffic.


SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a VPN accessible via https over web browser. It creates a secure session from your PC browser to the application server you’re accessing. The major advantage of IT is that it doesn’t need any software installed because it uses the web browser as the client application.

In general every protocol has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending upon the usage. Some of the users don’t care about this and think of it as least concerned but corporate users mostly follow the protocols benefits as per their requirements. Large number of corporates uses IPSec clients.

What we Learn?

As per above information you can find VPN of your own choice by selection different components or combination like country, security features, Usage, and so on.

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