PureVPN Review

PureVPN was came in the world of internet in 2006

Based in Hong Kong
Price $2.88/mo
Servers 2000+ servers in 180+ Countries
Logs No Logs
Multi Login 5 Devices
Refund 31 Days Money Back
Score 9.4
Recommended Yes
Coupon Code NOLOGVPN  (avail an extra 30% discount on subscription)
Website PureVPN.com

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PureVPN was came in the world of internet in 2006 in order to provide internet security to the users against hackers. Later, developers updated this so that it can be use by the users of those countries where limitations and restrictions are applied on use of internet.in 2006, Hong Kong-based GZ Systems Ltd., PureVPN’s operators, launched its service internationally, providing its users a safe, secure, and anonymous method to surf the internet and enjoy an unrestricted browsing experience.

PureVPN operates a self-managed VPN constellation of 2000+ servers in 140+ countries. Because we provide instant access to your favorite content. Because we empower you to access everything on the internet, download securely, and remain protected all the while. But mostly because, we value your trust!

After connecting to PureVPN, your data is encrypted and securely passed through a series of tunnels that lead to our servers. You are not only completely anonymized but completely protected at all times!

Pros Cons
Prices starting from $2.88 (Exclusive Limited Time Offer) Inconsistent speeds
2000+ Servers in 180+ countries (300,000+ IP addresses) DNS leaks
Multiple Add-ons (Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall)
Provides DDoS Protection
31 days money back guarantee
24/7/365 Live Chat support
Zero Log Policy
5 Simultaneous Logins
Largest range of accepted payment options
Multi – device Compatibility
Compatible on Routers
Largest collection of servers in UK, US and Canada
P2P Optimized Servers
Widest protocol support including (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2)

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Packages and Plans

PureVPN provides three different plans to the customers with seven days money back guarantee and same features in all three packages. This includes access to all of PureVPN’s servers across the world and unlimited data transfer.

PureVPN offers three (3) very reasonably priced subscription plans. The updated pricing plans of PureVPN are listed below:

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It doesn’t matter which plan you pick, only the subscription duration varies – the protocol availability, the high level encryption, the 7day money back guarantee and the 24/7 customer support remain constant.

Security – How PureVPN Works?

After connecting to PureVPN, your data is encrypted and securely passed through a series of tunnels that lead to our servers. You are not only completely anonymized but completely protected at all times!\

PureVPN is considered as one of the safest VPNs around, and there’s a reason for it. It offers powerful 256-bit encryption and optimized protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, PPTP, and even IKEv2.

Each of these protocols are different in terms of functionality and are perfect for gaming, streaming, secure online browsing and offer the first line of defense against online threats like session hacking or Man in the middle attacks (MITM).

PureVPN Payment Options – A Buffet Full of Options!

Let us spoil you for payment options with over 50 choices. Pay us through any of the following payment options such as VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, American Express, WebMoney, PayPal or any other option of your choice.
All payments are processed with complete security and safety by either Plimus or AlertPay.

PureVPN ensures that each and every customer is able to make payments without any trouble. This is why PureVPN offers all the major payment methods including PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Alipay, Paysafecard, Payza, Skrill and many more. You can also make your payment via Western Union and Bank Transfer option if the amount is more than $500.

PureVPN Server Spread and Locations

PureVPN server have servers in 180+ locations. Also they have more than 2000+ servers worldwide along with 300,000+ active IP addresses. There are over 763 servers in America, 807 servers in Europe and 321 servers in Asia. These are only the major locations where PureVPN servers are located apart from this PureVPN have at least two servers deployed in other countries. You can select the server of your choice once you have selected a specific plan and signed up.

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How PureVPN Helps in Defeating IPv6 Leaks?

IPv6 is a problem suffered by most VPN users across the world. This leak exposes your online identity and your web traffic to the world in general. IPv6 happens silently and leaves you exposed, while you feel safe when connected to your VPN service. Thankfully, PureVPN helps you avoid this issue by ensuring complete IPv6 protection.

PureVPN ensures your protection on the web by providing you with the best security features. These include preventing your IPv6 from leaking on the web. It ensures that your web traffic remains private and secure while you browse the web.

DNS leak protection?

PureVPN is committed to ensuring users experience the best online experience. That means providing exceptional online security and unmatched online speeds. PureVPN offers top-of-the-line DNS leak protection and ensures that your online traffic is safe from the prying eyes of your ISP or any other spy entity.

Every time you access a domain (Facebook, Google, etc.), a DNS request is generated that exposes your real online identity on the web. The request is sent to the DNS server which is set in your configuration settings. ISPs are smart, they pick up which domains you mostly search for in spite of the fact that you are connected to a VPN network.

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PureVPN helps you avoid this spying/monitoring by disallowing the DNS request from reaching your ISP, and resolves the request within its own VPN network. This process ensures the safety of your online identity; hence, you remain completely anonymous online.

PureVPN Speeds


During analysis of PureVPN, measured speed while connected to a local server and to a server in the US. The usual assumption is that connection times to a local server are quicker, because the data has less distance to travel.

When connected to local PureVPN server in Australia, download speed dropped slightly to 10.75 Mbps, and upload speed dropped to 0.85 Mbps. Ping increased to 76 ms as result no change can be seen.

However, when connected to a US server, download speed plummeted to 3.78 Mbps. upload speed actually increased slightly to 0.87 Mbps, and ping increased to 216 ms. This was still fast enough to stream in high definition, but connection definitely lagged.


Whether you want to torrent, stream, or just browse, it’s crucial that your VPN offer high-speed connections. It’s normal to experience some speed loss, because your data has to travel farther to reach the VPN server. However, the difference should be barely noticeable with a premium VPN.

Location Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Seattle 181 26.15 3.23
Toronto 132 6.26 1.7
Mexico City 217 25.82 3.27
London 80 21.04 5.9
Amsterdam 57 29.42 7.07
Frankfurt 43 17.27 2.59
Odessa 94 14.24 1.32
Paris 49 30.13 7.1
Akersberga 64 43.6 6.22
Brisbane 352 12.33 1.39
New Plymouth 336 25.86 2.37
Tokyo 272 8.42 1.41
Hong Kong 253 6.91 2.38
Singapore 196 11.68 1.7
Chennai 194 23.32 3.33

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How does Split Tunneling works with the PureVPN apps?

With split tunneling in place, your internet connection reduces any jams and conserves bandwidth as the internet traffic does not have to pass through the VPN server. But the good thing about using Split Tunneling with PureVPN is that you’ve got unlimited bandwidth.

Another advantage of using split tunneling is when a user is working on various sites with different functions on both networks throughout the day, split tunneling prevents the user from having to repeatedly connect and disconnect.

Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch secures your online activities in case the VPN disconnects. It works by terminating your internet connection so that your online identity (IP address and location) aren’t exposed.

Growing concern for online privacy invoked PureVPN to integrate an additional layer of security known as the Internet Kill Switch, a robust feature intended to prevent your VPN connection from accidental exposure. Also referred to as the VPN Kill Switch, the feature ensures ‘Leak Proof’ security of your VPN connection.

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Nearly all VPN services have a slight chance of experiencing disconnection. Being a strong privacy advocate, PureVPN built the Internet Kill Switch so that your real identity and personal information is secure even when there’s a momentary lapse in the VPN connection.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred usually over the course of a month. These days, many VPN services claim unlimited bandwidth but restrict the usage when you’re browsing and streaming more than usual.

If you’ve got a fixed monthly plan with your ISP or VPN, a certain monthly bandwidth is allocated against your account. On the other hand, PureVPN offers an unlimited bandwidth account that provides limitless browsing and streaming capability to users, regardless of their plan.

  • Lag-less streaming
  • Bid farewell to download limits
  • No ISP throttling
  • Ultra-smooth HD streaming

How does AES encryption work with PureVPN?

Encryption is the driving force for online anonymity, and without the process of encoding a message, the concept of online privacy and security will be at risk. When you connect to the internet through PureVPN’s encrypted server, all your communication, sensitive activities, or data remains secure.

In fact, even if there’s unauthorized access, the intruder won’t be able to crack open the encrypted data. At the end of the day, the integrity of your data and privacy remains intact. Encryption is widely employed by businesses and individuals around the globe.

PureVPN selects the best encryption which suits you

PureVPN will automatically select the best encryption standard for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. Moreover, PureVPN offers multiple tunneling protocols and uses 256-bit encryption on OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2, SSTP, and L2TP/IPSec. PureVPN provides encryption on all of its VPN servers.

Once you connect to the VPN, you get encryption by default. Be it on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet, PureVPN’s state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption initiates a secure connection with the VPN server and ensures your data is transmitted securely.


PureVPN’s 5 multi-logins feature

  • Protect up to 5 devices
  • 1 account would suffice for your family
  • No bandwidth limit or server switching restriction regardless of the number of simultaneous logins

Watch U.S Netflix with a VPN from Anywhere

Our VPN servers let you watch US Netflix with ultra-fast HD streamingdedicated serversunlimited bandwidth, and 5 simultaneous connections.

The content that is on US Netflix isn’t available outside the US. US Netflix has the many more TV shows, movies, and other content than Netflix in any other country.

In some countries, you can’t access Netflix at all.

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To get around this problem, you can use a VPN to watch US Netflix as though you are in the US.

Thousands of people use a VPN service to stream US Netflix every day. It’s hard to tell exactly, because a VPN also hides their identity so well, but research suggests that 37% of users on US Netflix are using a VPN.

Most of these people are using a VPN to watch Netflix shows they cannot access in their home countries, or to stream shows before they are released locally.

Using a VPN that works with Netflix is a good idea for other reasons as well, though. Our dedicated US Netflix servers ensure a lightning-fast, uninterrupted connection. This means you get a buffer-free streaming experience, always!

# of TV Shows
# of Movies
% of US TV Library
% of US Movie Library
United States
United Kingdom

IP Whitelisting

PureVPN’s IP Whitelisting via Dedicated IP helps you remain absolutely in control of your IP every time you go online. The rising trend of working remotely and BYOD has opened doors to new threats, but you can ascertain network security by only allowing dedicated IPs to access certain databases. So, along with giving you control over your digital reputation, a dedicated IP VPN also acts as a security measure for your corporate digital assets.

What is WebRTC Leak?

WebRTC is one of those fundamental technologies that enable you to perform peer-to-peer functionalities on your browsers. It is what allows you to perform video chatting, audio calling, and more.

How Does PureVPN Protect You Against WebRTC Leaks?

WebRTC leak is a serious problem and it could end up risking a users’ real IP. Therefore, it is imperative to use a VPN that can keep this threat at bay and allow you to browse the web or communicate online in a secure and confidential manner.

PureVPN understands the seriousness of the issue and, thus, ensures users complete online privacy against IP leak problems by offering WebRTC leak protection. Be it the browser extension, mobile app, or the desktop client, your real IP will always remain secure and anonymous with PureVPN.

Our WebRTC leak protection comes as a powerful feature that keeps a tight leash on WebRTC leak problems and makes sure that the users’ identity is secure at all times.



Get 24 Hours Support

Customer satisfaction is the back-bone for any business or product. Without customer satisfaction, no product or service can survive beyond a few months, or years. Considering that PureVPN has been one of the leaders of the VPN industry for the past 12 years, we can happily say that we have done a good job in ensuring that our users are happy and satisfied with our service. And one of the biggest reasons why our users remain satisfied with our service is due to the 24/7 customer support that we provide to our users.

  • 24/7/365 customer support.
  • Deals with all issues and complaints in a timely manner.
  • Listens to your concerns and offers quick resolutions.
  • Specialists that can handle any issue or query.
  • Listens to your recommendations and forwards them to the relevant teams.
  • Provides product knowledge instantly.

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Compatibility – Apps And Supported Devices

PureVPN’s device compatibility is great. Combine with the fact that you can use PureVPN on 5 devices simultaneously, makes it a pretty versatile VPN service.

Here’s a complete list of devices that PureVPN supports:

  • Routers
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Kodi
  • Roku
  • Boxee box
  • Now TV Box
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Chrome cast
  • Play Station
  • Xbox
  • iOS App(Relaunched)

Featured & Recommended By

PureVPN’s services are regularly acknowledged and applauded by other companies.

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PureVPN proved itself as an excellent VPN service with optimum security, convenience and versatile features. With more than 2000+ servers in 180+ countries, PureVPN is admired for it great speed and feasible prices. Plenty of customization options, compatibility with almost all devices and all popular operating system makes PureVPN one of the favorite VPN service.

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