VPN.Express Review 2017

What makes VPNExpress different than any other VPN service is the fact that it manage and control our servers and hardware ourselves which guarantees full time availability, highest performance level and the best user experience. Servers control and managemet allow us to add further security protocols and make any possible modification in order to deliver the highest connection speed possible.

Watch your favorite TV networks without worrying about losing your connection bandwidth. VPN Express is designed to serve the highest connection speed to stream and play any entertainment content easily. Using VPNExpress gives you the opportunity to surf the web differently by accessing large number of websites from any location and download/upload/transfer your data or open any mobile application securely and safely.


  • 250+ Servers in 100+ Locations
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switches
  • Login on 5 Simultaneous Devices
  • P2P Optimized Servers
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • P2P File Transfer
  • DNS Leak Resolver
  • No ISP restrictions
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Defeat ISP Packet Inspection


  • No Live Chat


Affordable Pricing Plan

vpn.express pricing

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Compared to other VPN providers, we always include all VPN features. No speed limits, no server switch limits and no VPN protocol or server location limits. Everything totally unlimited! We want you to be confident, that is why we offer a 7-days money back guarantee.

The half-yearly plan or the six-month plan costs you $7.99/month after a 21% discount. Since the payment is made up front you will be required to pay $47.94 every six months. The annual subscription or the Premium account is the most recommended plan by VPN.Express. You can get it for $4.99 month.

Safeguard your Online Privacy

Online privacy is under a massive attack nowadays. ISPs, advertisers, hackers and governments around the world are increasingly obsessed in monitoring your activities while browsing the web which makes it impossible for you to feel free, safe or secure.
However, VPN.Express is always here to make the impossible possible so whether you’re a political activist or simply someone who hates the idea of being monitored all the time and seeks online privacy and protection, we’ve gathered a list of tips every privacy seeker should follow by heart. Check yourself against this list and see where you stand!

1. Use a strong password

Hackers and cyber-criminals are getting smarter and employing more deceitful methods, the least you can do is to avoid weak and easy to guess passwords.
Tip for you: Never include any personal details in your password, use a mixture of numbers and letters as well as well special characters. You may also consider using password managers, Dice ware and two-factor authentication.

2. Remember to log out

Just like you always make sure to lock your front door whenever you leave home, logging out of your social media and online bank accounts is typically the same. It’s simple, quick and protects you against any attempts to access your personal data.
Tip for you: Closing the window where you are logged in is never enough to protect your information data. Actually, you may still be signed in to your account on that device, leaving you vulnerable to tracking. Therefore, always log yourself out once you are done using an online service.

3. Avoid sharing your location

Many of us don’t often think about location as a sensitive information. In fact, people like to share their current location with potentially a huge audience whether while taking a vacation, exploring a new restaurant or just hanging out with friends.
Tip for you: We simply ask you to consider the huge danger you put yourself and people who are with you as it becomes as easy as pie for any third parties to track your exact location and can possibly lead to actual physical harm.

4. Never interface with suspicious emails

There are countless reasons to be wary of any email that seems in any way suspicious. From phishing scams emails to emails that contain viruses and other malicious software, you should never risk your personal information by opening or responding to these emails.
It might seem like a good idea to reply to these emails and ask them to be removed from the mailing list. Well it’s not by any means as you will just confirm to spammers that your email address is indeed active– likely inviting more useless (or harmful) messages in the future.
Tip for you: Just ignore and delete any emails in your spam folder and click “Report” for any spam emails that have not been classified as such by your email provider.

5. Think twice before using public networks to access your confidential accounts

Any public network is basically a goldmine for hackers, so accessing your confidential accounts through a public network is genuinely the worst thing you could ever do.
It will be a piece of cake for anyone to access and steal your sensitive information.
Tip for you: Avoid as much as possible to connect via a public network, but if you really have to here are some tips:
Don’t access your social media, online bank or any other websites where you need to log in to your account.
If you must use emails, encrypt them with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TSL (Transport Layer Security).
Always connect to secure channels.
And last but not least…

6. Use a VPN

When it comes to security and protection, VPN is always the perfect tool to use.
Connecting your device to a good VPN service redirects all of your device traffic through a secure and encrypted tunnel. Which means that any sketchy parties trying to access your device and monitor your online activities will only see a bunch of nonsense.
Tip for you: Use VPN.Express to protect your online privacy and enjoy surfing the internet freely like never before.

7. You Control what you share online

Always remember that you are responsible for any information you share online. If you don’t share it, they can’t get a hold of it.
Tip for you: Think a million times before sharing any sensitive information online, so:
Avoid sharing any personal data on public/insecure networks.
Never give away your real email address for online giveaways or for websites that might suspicious to you.
Google yourself periodically to make sure that no one out there is sharing or manipulating your personal information without your knowledge.

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Mapping Internet Censorship Worldwide

For better or for worse, the Internet is something that most of us take for granted. Our users in the US and Western Europe generally subscribe to VPN.Express to customize their experience on the web whereas our users in China or South Africa for example may choose to use VPN.Express to access sites that have been blocked by their country’s government. Read the full story on worldwide internet censorship!

With 23 countries restricting torrentspolitical media, and social media, it almost goes without saying that Asia is the poster child of widespread Internet censorship. And they aren’t messing around. The infamous Great Firewall of China has grown to become so sophisticated that it can now identify and block traffic going through VPNs and that major ISPs will also cut off connections using VPN. In fact, the monster has grown so large and powerful, that in January of 2014, in an attempt to block one VPN provider, the Chinese government accidentally caused a nationwide Internet outage. Now, that being said, VPN.Express is up and running in the Middle Kingdom without a hitch! With the nearest servers running 24/7 in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. In fact, our servers are so good, we’ve even managed to help out a client in North Korea.

VPN.Express Extends its Global Network

With the addition of new servers based in North Africa and Korea along with other mind-blowing features, our users can easily tunnel their internet traffic through various top performing servers based in 35+ countries and guarantee highest security and privacy levels, seamless high –speed browsing, downloading and streaming experience.

VPN.Express uses the most advanced encryption protocols to secure your online communications and protect your personal data. Furthermore, it is the best service you can use to bypass geo-restrictions and bring unrestricted internet right to your devices.


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Protect your Apps online security?

VPN.Express stands side by side with all users requiring tech companies to include better privacy settings in their apps. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips to help improve your privacy while getting your work out on.

Make sure your apps use HTTPS:

What you need to know is that while almost every app uses Wi-Fi to share data, not all of them do so on a secure server. Always look for HTTPS in the address bar. While you can see this as a simple and old precaution, you will be chocked by the number of popular apps that fail to do so.  If your apps are not using HTTPS, it’s definitely time to look for new ones.

Make sure your app have access to basic data only:

It’s perfectly ok to share how many steps you took during breakfast, but sharing your irregular bowl movements after that breakfast is definitely way, way too far. It’s a simple equation, the less you share with your application, the more safe and secure you will be. So, only stick to the basic settings, and restrict access to data you don’t think the app needs.

Use a VPN:

By boosting your device’s online security you will automatically boost your apps’ security as well, all you need is to use a VPN service.VPNs such as VPN. Express offer you the best services to hide your identity, location, and guarantee full encryption to all the information shared by your device, which prevents your personal data from being stolen by anyone. No one can deny that apps offer a great help when it comes to taking care of your health. You don’t have to avoid using them, as long as you do so with caution.

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How to Prevent Cyber-Stalking

Technology opens our lives up in ways that weren’t possible even less than a decade ago. Nowadays, children laugh themselves silly when they hear their parents waxing nostalgic about the days when they had to call someone on the phone for directions or go to the library to search for information. Today you can easily travel the whole world from home in the comfort of your couch, or you can chat with someone whether they’re in the next room or in another country with ease, via a variety of technologies. It’s all fast and awesome

Fortunately, you can fight off a cyber-stalker easily. All you need to do, is to follow some crucial tips on how to prevent cyber stalking: Always take preventive measures like changing your passwords of your social media, or your home network. Don’t forget that a strong password is always your first line of defense. Create secondary email addresses for social profiles, forums or communities. Avoid over-sharing of your information on social media, you never know who is monitoring you.

Encrypt your home network, your laptop, and any other devices with a reliable VPN service such as VPN.Express, which provide you the best online privacy, most advanced encryption protocols, and protects all your personal data from all kinds of threats including cyber stalking. You can also use VPN.Express to encrypt your phone GPS location so that no cyber stalker can ever track your actual location. In addition, VPN.Express can easily protect you from any unwanted malware, virus or key loggers that cyber stalkers use to access your information.

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