Start the app by double clicking on the ZenMate VPN desktop icon.

The main screen (as shown below) will open. Please note that opening the app doesn’t mean you are automatically protected, as we’ll show in the next steps.

To connect to the VPN, simply click on the main button as displayed bellow. By default, the best server location will be chosen for you. If you want to change this, tap on the best location button to select a preferred location.

If you click on “Best server location”, a list of popular locations and your favourite list will pop-up.

In case you want to go into the advanced options, filters and locations, simply click on the expand button on the left side of the interface. That will open the advanced mode as shown bellow.

This is also where you’ll be able to select servers based on specific use.

  • Favorites: This list displays all single servers, countries, streaming and torrent connections you previously marked as favourites.
  • All servers: Displays all countries available and, if extended, all single servers available for the resp. extended country entry.
  • For torrenting: If you want to download Torrents or other files you most often need a compatible server, since not all countries for example allow P2P technologies such as Torrents. Also you might want the best performance available.
  • For streaming: In case you want to stream content from a certain country (e. g. to watch home TV when on a trip), you need a server capable of delivering high resolution content as well as being equipped to work with the wanted streaming platform.